Versatile and portable software designed to clean, tweak and optimize Windows.
🚀 It's extremely fast and rich with features.

XTR Toolbox v2.0

- Added Dark Mode (activatable in main window)
- To toggle click on "Moon" icon in the title bar or use CTRL + N
- Junk File Cleaner
- Added Google Chrome Cache cleaning
- Improved Steam library scan
- Improved usability and performance
- Software Manager
- Added Log History
- Tracks software uninstallation
- Added open in registry option - CTRL + J
- Added size of selected items
- Improved entry icon detection
- Improved force uninstall leftover cleanup
- Added registry removal
- Startup Manager:
- Added Log History
- Tracks all changes made to startup entries
- Improved startup entry detection
- Service Manager:
- Added Log History
- Tracks changes made to services
- Added confirmation dialog when selecting more than 20 items
- Updated and improved UI
- Many tweaks and performance improvements

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32, 64 bits)
.Net Framework: 4.7+

If you have any suggestion or feedback, create a ticket or pull request on GitHub or post the comment here. Thanks.